Here at Your Pet’s Friend, we understand  that your pets are a part of your family and deserve only the best. We are passionate about providing the pet care of the highest standards and are constantly striving to be the best.

  We look after all animals from dogs and cats, to hamsters, birds, and tropical fish (we’ll pass on spiders and snakes though!) We can be there when you can’t – when you’re out at work or away on holiday. And Your Pet’s Friend is ideal for dog owners who are recovering from surgery or simply can’t get out as much.  We can make sure your dog gets the exercise they need.

For your peace of mind

We keep all clients’ keys in our safe, colour-coded and without address details.

We’ll give you a link to Google Maps so you can find out exactly where we are with your dog.

We are CRB checked and fully insured.

Why use our services?

Leaving a dog in all day leads to boredom and a bored dog can become a difficult one. It can lead to persistent barking which can disturb your neighbours and cause problems for you. They can become destructive and start to chew furniture or clothing. However, most of this behavour can be stopped, or prevented in the first place, with regular exercise and mental stimulation.

We can help to socialise them too by taking them out with other dogs including our own. This will help with general behaviour, and social skills around other dogs and people.

Why I love dogs

I have to admit that dogs are my first love. I think it’s because they give unconditional love and loyalty. It’s remarkable to see what they can do for older people and how they are with children.

I’m fascinated by their behaviour and how they interact within a group, and also individually. And I’m a believer in that by just being calm but strong around dogs increases their response and stops the need for repeated commands.

In fact, I’m so interested in their behaviour that I’m taking a diploma in canine psychology. Watch this space!