"I feel very strongly that people need to know just how fantastic the service is from Your Pet’s Friend.

I am utterly amazed at how my dogs, Coco and Teddy, took to Rob within minutes of meeting him. At one time I thought there was no hope and that my dogs would never get used to someone else.

Every day they eagerly await his visit and thoroughly enjoy their walk with Rob. He is extremely patient and understanding and it’s clear from his own dogs that he adores them but he also has their respect, which shows he means business and gets results.

I have peace of mind knowing my dogs are well looked after and happy. And I’m slightly less guilty that I’m at work because they enjoy going with Rob so much.

I highly recommend booking Rob and have no hesitation in passing on his details to anyone who asks. I totally trust Rob: he is absolutely brilliant!"

Sharon Sharpe

"We brought Bellatrix, our English Bull Terrier, home when she was eight weeks old.

All was fantastic until Bellatrix was around six months old, then the problems began. She would rough play all the time, causing injuries to us and to our older EBT, Toby. She was super giddy, always jumping and running. On walks, she would constantly pull. It was hard work.

A friend told me about Rob at Your Pet’s Friend and I'm so glad I sent that first email. Rob is unbelievably patient! He spent almost three hours here on his first visit. His advice is always spot on. He’s so easy to talk to and you can feel he genuinely loves the animals.

We’ve seen results fast! Bella will now walk without pulling, she no longer rough plays and she’s generally a much calmer puppy.

Bellatrix is booked in to stay with Rob when we go on holiday. We’ll be able to relax knowing she’s in a caring home environment and not alone in a cold kennel.

Rob also orders our dog food from a local company: he even delivers it! Life is much easier now thanks to Your Pet’s Friend :)"

Sam Conway

"We decided to get a dog when I retired, and we found Louis at Leigh Dogs and Cats Home. He is a two-year old mastiff greyhound cross and we fell in love with him a first sight. He was very thin as he had been on the streets for a number of weeks.

He soon settled down with us but he barked at other dogs when I walked him. He pulled too and caused me to fall a couple of times. I was beginning to wonder whether I’d taken too much on for a pensioner.

My local pet shop, Banana Farm in Atherton, gave me Robert’s number to see if he could help.

He’s like a different dog since Robert has been walking him. Robert takes him out for me once or twice every week, and he now walks next to me. He doesn’t pull anymore and is far more obedient than I could have ever wished.

And to think that a few weeks ago I nearly took him back to the rescue centre! I can’t thank Robert enough and I’d certainly recommend him to anyone else in my situation."

Mrs Nightingale

"Rob recently took in my Blue Merle Welsh Border Collie, Bobby, at very short notice when I had to go away for a week.

Bobby wasn’t used to living with other dogs and was quite nervous when first introduced to ‘the pack’ at Rob’s.

However, he received a very warm welcome from Rob and his family and really took to them. Within a day he was completely turned around and became socialised with Rob’s dogs and the other dogs he exercises.

Rob kept in regular contact by email while I was in Spain and I couldn’t believe the photos he took of the happy mutts playing out and walking together. It made my absence so much easier knowing my boy was happy and safe.

Bobby has made a lot of new friends during his little holiday and obviously loved every minute of it. We meet up regularly to walk with his new pals. I will definitely board Bobby with Rob again without any hesitation."

Sharon Lowe

"We have no hesitation is recommending Rob to anyone who requires pet walking or sitting. We’re not sure what we would do without him! Thanks Rob, you’re a star."

Scott Davis

"Rob is very reliable, flexible and trustworthy. We have no issues with leaving Rob a set of keys to our home or entrusting the care of our dogs to him. Rob has on occasion taken the dogs into his home and look after them when we go away, and for the dogs it is very much like a holiday for them as they get very well treated and friends to play with in the form of Rob's own well loved dogs."

Scott Davis

"We employ Rob as a dog walker to our two mutts, and he is a great friend to them and to us. We often call upon Rob at the last minute due to changes in our schedules and he is never anything but happy to accommodate which is a huge relief to us to know that."

Scott Davis